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Product name: LED thermometer

Product weight: 140g

Color: Silver

Size: 81*80.6*30mm

Material: ABS (electroplating), PC

Nut specification: gb 4min (1/2 in.)

Temperature range: 5-85℃

Measurement error: within 0.5

Measurement accuracy: 0.5℃

Dimensions: connect to standard 1/2 inch hose or sprinkler head.


* Quick and easy installation without any tools – fits with handheld showerhead

* No batteries required – The device harvests its energy from the water flow

* High-precision temperature sensor, a hydro power generator, a thermal sensor, and a digital LED display

* 360°rotatable waterproof led screen for better viewing

* Materials approved for drinking water

* With this device, you can easily monitor the real time water temperature, and take a more enjoyable shower


* Please install this thermometer manually, don’t use tools such as wrenches. Otherwise, the thermometer will be damaged and won’t work.

* If the thermometer makes noise, it is because you have tightened the screw too tightly. If you loosen it a little bit, the noise will disappear.

* This product relies on water flow to generate electricity, so low water pressure may result in darker or even no display on the display.